How to how-to

Empower teams to effortlessly share know-how so each employee and customer has the tools they need to learn and succeed.

Informal learning

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Teammates rely on each other to learn, but explaining a process is often disruptive, requiring “let’s meet and I’ll show you” to answer.

Scribe makes it easy to tap into the know-how of coworkers. No documentation, meeting requests, or follow-up conversations needed.

  • Reduce the hours spent explaining how-to with rapid knowledge sharing.
  • Identify and fill gaps in formal training programs.
  • Recognize quiet contributors secretly powering the team with expertise.


Teams rely on documentation for business-critical processes. However, creating these detailed documents distracts (and frustrates) top employees.

With Scribe, teams turn mediocre Standards of Practice (SOPs) into visual, engaging best pratices with little effort.

  • Crowdsource best practices from all employees.
  • Automatically redact sensitive information from visuals.
  • Quickly identify and update outdated content.
  • Embed guides in existing wikis or share in Scribe’s searchable workspace.
Technology Deployments

Technology Adoption

Rolling out new applications is no small feat and leaves teams dreading learning something new. Getting teams to adopt (and love) new tools requires substantial upfront and ongoing effort.

Scribe helps technology owners grow user love, while reducing time spent on enabling users.

  • Inform requirements with accurate as-is process documentation, captured in seconds.
  • Reduce time spent on building and updating training materials.
  • Deliver consistent and high quality reference guides, complete with visuals.
  • Provide quick, personalized how-to responses to user inquiries in seconds.


Formal onboarding programs cover the basics but lack the depth employees need to master day-to-day tasks quickly. This leaves new hires in limbo and tenured teammates carrying the burden of bringing them up to speed.

Scribe helps expedite new hire onboarding while reducing distractions for tenured employees.

  • Enrich onboarding materials with quality step-by-step guides.
  • Improve depth of onboarding materials by crowdsourcing important, but often overlooked processes.
  • Reduce the time teammates spend assisting new hires.
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Customers need guidance on products, but help centers inevitably lack coverage. This leads to overloading customer facing teams with one-off inquiries. Instead of providing the personalized guidance they’d like to give each customer, they’re stuck with generic documentation.

Scribe allows customer facing teams to deliver tailored guidance to all customers.

  • Enhance documentation and help centers with visual, up-to-date guides.
  • Provide personal and fast responses to inquiries with visual guides.
  • Scale common responses with referenceable guides, shareable across customers.

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