ACSS Direct Debit Flow (Microdeposits)

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    • 39 seconds
      Click on Add Payment Method
      Select your legal entity from the list
      Choose the ACSS Direct Debit option
      Enter the name associated with your bank account and click Set up direct debit
      Agree to the terms and conditions
      Search for your bank, if you cannot find it, choose the micro-deposit verification flow
      Enter your account information and click Submit
      Click on Confirm
      Agree to the terms and conditions
      Click on Payment Methods to go back to the main page
      Wait \~1 business day to receive the microdeposit amounts in your bank account
      Once you have the microdeposit amounts ready, head back over to your Payment Methods page and click on the action to Verify Payment Method
      Click Continue
      Click Continue
      Enter the amounts and click Verify
      All done! It will take up to 10 minutes for your Payment Method status to be reflected on the Borderless website
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