Configure Activity History

Created by Martyn Double | 13 steps
Navigate to https://your_imagen_domain/
Log in as a user with "Site administration" permissions
Click "Edit"
Click on the 'edit pencil'
Click "Add item"
Enter "Activity History" as the 'Title'
Select 'External URL'
Click the "External URL" field and enter [/auditlog/index]
We can at this point use the "Access Control!" feature to limit access. We may, as an example, wish to limit this page to senior staff members
Click "Save"
Click "Activity History"
You can see that all records that have been deleted are in a list, you can filter this by using the search bar, selecting a date range, or using the three dots in the top right-hand corner of a record to filter by user or record. You can also click the "restore" button to bring back any deleted files within your retention policy.
Click "Restore"
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