Add a download Profile for the 'Video Downloaders' group

Created by Martyn Double | 9 steps
Navigate to https://your_imagen_domain/
Log in as an administrator and click "Admin"
Click "Manage users/groups"
Click "Manage download profiles"
We need to add the Video Downloaders group ("role") to the download profiles Click on the "Role picker" text box and type "Video downloaders" Click "Image Downloaders" Click "Add" to create a download profile for the 'Group' ("Role")
Click on the "HLS Video" checkbox
We recommend that this box is ticked in most cases: "Download profiles apply ..." checkbox
Heads Up! If the "Download profiles apply ..." checkbox (previous step) is left unticked this profile will apply to all records. You will not be able to remove download permissions on any record.
Click 'Save' to complete this download profile
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