Add a filter to the search page

Created by Martyn Double | 14 steps
Navigate to https://your_imagen_domain
A search for "Cat" returns one result in this example
A search for "Dog" also returns one result. As this is a category field. we can add a search filter to quickly narrow down our search criteria. Click "Admin" once you have logged in with Administrator credentials.
Click "Site configuration"
Click "Fields"
Click "Search, Filter and Sort"
Select the ellipsis (...) button on the category field. In this example, we have called the field "animalcategory".
Click "Update"
Select "Use as filter".
Choose your option for "Sorting" and click "Save"
Click "Back to site"
Click "Search"
Click "Filter & Sort"
Now search results can be filtered down to either of the "Terms" in our category field - "Cat" or "Dog" in this example.
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