Add a new field to the search index

Created by Martyn Double | 17 steps
Navigate to https://your_imagen_domain/
Click "Log in"
Enter your administrator credentials, and click "Log in"
Click "Admin"
Click "Services"
Click "Imagen"
Click "Management"
Click "MediaControlCentre"
Click "Databases"
On your database, click the "Edit" button
Click "Fields"
In this example we click to add a "Category" field
Click the "Field name" field and enter a name for your new field. This will name the field in your database
A "Display name" can be used to display different text on your record page.
Select the required field type from the drop-down. In this example, we are using field type "Keyword, multi select"
As we are using a "Keyword, multi select" field, we must populate the list with some values. Enter new terms one per line, and click 'Add'
Ensure that the "Add field to the search index" and "Searchable" checkboxes are ticked and click save
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