Adding Inovelli 2-1 Blue Series Device

17 steps | 2 minutes
With your switch LED Bar pulsing blue, navigate to your Hubitat portal (if you don't know it, go to:
Click "Devices"
Click "Add Device"
Click on "Zigbee".
Click on, "Start Zigbee Pairing"
After 5-10 seconds, the switch will start to initialize (you will see a message in Hubitat) and if successful, the LED Bar will blink Green a few times (if unsuccessful, it will blink Red).
If your LED Bar blinks Red, try factory resetting the switch by holding down on the config/favorites button and the top of the paddle for 20 seconds until the LED Bar flashes Red and starts pulsing Blue again, then go back to Step #2 and try again. If you continue to have issues, you may have to move the hub closer to the switch or put a Zigbee repeater in between the hub and the switch as the signal may not be strong enough.
Click on, "Label this device".
Name your switch (ie: Living Room Switch, Bedroom Switch, etc).
Click, "Save".
Ensure your device works remotely by clicking on, "View device details".
If you haven't already configured your switch as an On/Off or Dimmer, please select the proper instance here (the default is On/Off).
OPTIONAL (skip if your switch is installed as a single-pole switch): If you have installed your switch in a 3-Way (or multi-way) setup, click here and select either "3-Way Aux Switch" if you're using an Inovelli Add-On (Aux) switch or, "3-Way Dumb Switch" if you're leaving your existing switch.
Click, "Save Preferences" to save the configuration of the switch.
Test turning on the switch remotely by pressing the, "On" button.
Test turning off the switch remotely by pressing the, "Off" button.
That's it! Feel free to play around with the other configuration settings. Enjoy your new Inovelli switch :)
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