Adding a New Product to the KTShop.

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      First you will log into the backend of the KT Website. scroll down until you see "Products" and select that.
      Click "Add New"
      Change the title to the name of the product.
      Enter in a description for the product.
      Click "Set product image"
      Select or Upload the Feature Image of the product. This is the one that will be seen from the main site.
      Click "Set product image"
      Then, click "add product gallery images"
      Select all the product images you have for that product.
      Click "Add to Gallery"
      Then, under Product Categories, you will select the Main Category and the Sub-Category.
      This is an example of the sub-category for this particular product.
      Add as many tags that you feel fit the product and will help people search up for the product. For example: " pompom, beanie, toque, winter hat, kids, adult, knit, etc".
      When we have more than one colour or option for a partcular product, you must change it from a Simple Product, to a Variable Product. This will allow us to add the different colours and sizes we may have later on.
      Click "Variable product"
      Under Taxes, change it to "None" as we are not charging HST on the products.
      Click "Zero rate"
      Click "Inventory"
      Click "Manage Stock"
      Input the total amount of stock for that product here for "Stock Quantity"
      Click "Attributes". Here you will be able to add settings such as style, material, colour, size, etc that apply for the product.
      Click "Custom product attribute"
      Click "Color"
      Click "Add"
      select the colours that we have for the product, or if none of the options are listed, type it in yourself and add | between each option
      Once all the options are added, Click "save attributes"
      Click "Variations"
      Click "Add variation"
      Click "Go"
      Click "Any Color…"
      Click "Black"
      Click on the square with the black to expand it.
      Here you will enter information such as the stock, price and sale price of the product.
      Enter the selling price
      Enter the quantity for the colour you are working on.
      Next you will add the next variation.
      Double-click "Any Color…"
      Click "Biege"
      Follow the same steps as you did for black and enter the corresponding information accordingly.
      Click Save Changes
      Look everything over, once all the infromation is set and you get the OK to publish, click "Publish" or you can "Save as Draft" if you have information missing and need to come back to it.
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