Check failed jobs

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To follow this guide you will need: An "Administrator" account with "Site administration", "Database and service configuration", and "Job management" permissions
Navigate to https://your_imagen_domain/
Log in as an administrator
Click "Admin"
Click "Manage jobs", then click "Jobs"
Here you will see "Processing" and "Failed" jobs
The failed record will also display a failed warning with a link for administrators to view the failed job details
Imagen will retry failed jobs 3 times automatically by default before moving the job to the failed column
Here is the reason for the failed job. after reading through the error click "Retry" to be sure that the failure was not a transient error
We have received the same error message as before, confirming that this has not been a one-off error. The reason for this error is a 403 Forbidden, which at face value appears that we cannot retrieve the file. However, the point at which the job has failed is "Store Video". This would suggest that the storage service has been unable to store the file
Click "Logs"
Click "View" for the latest logs
To take a look in greater depth navigate back to your admin page
The storage service logs tell us that "there has been a problem deleting the file" and that "Amazon S3 said Invalid Access Key...". This now suggests that our access key is incorrect
In this guide, we have used Wasabi storage. Unfortunately, Wasabi will not allow you to view the secret access key again after creation. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to regenerate your access keys in Wasabi. Follow the guide below for a walkthrough guide on how to do this
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