Configure Imagen Connect

Created by Martyn Double | 17 steps
Pro tip! To follow this guide, you need an Administrator user account with 'Live Streams' permission.
Click "Create record"
Fill out any mandatory fields and click click "Add media"
Click "More"
Click "Live stream"
Select the DateTime in the future when the stream starts (This can be changed later)
Click "Save"
Click the "Stream name" field and enter a name to allow users to discover your stream
Click and the "Source URL" from which the stream will originate
If this is an RTMP stream click this field (See details for the types of streams if unsure)
Choose between GMT or UTC for the stream start and end times
Click the end time field to enter a DateTime value when the stream will end
Click "20"
Click this text field.
Click the "Select…" field.
Click "Ingest Video HQ"
Click "Save"
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