Configure Imagen to use Wasabi storage

    • Martyn Double |
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    To follow this guide you will need: "Database and services configuration" permission to configure storage "Site administration" permission to access the "Admin" panel A Wasabi storage account with Administrator permission to access the console
    Navigate to https://your_Imagen_domain/
    Log In as an "Administrator" with the permissions above
    Click "Admin"
    Click "Services" Click "Imagen" Click "Management" Click "StorageService"
    Click "Locations"
    Click the dropdown (▼) next to "Add local"
    Click "Add Wasabi"
    Switch to tab "Wasabi ~ Access Keys"
    Click this text field.
    Click this password field.
    Click this password field.
    Click "Access key id"
    Click "Show keys"
    Click "Sub-User"
    Click "CREATE"
    Click "Download CSV" to save a copy of the keys to your local device, or click "COPY KEYS TO CLIPBOARD" to make a manual copy somewhere
    Be sure to make a safe copy of your Keys, as the secret key cannot be recovered after this point
    Click the "SearchForUser" field, and select the "Imagen" User
    Enter your "Bucket" name, "Access", and "Secret" keys. Select your chosen Wasabi region and click "Save"
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