Converting 2D Layouts to 3D

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    Once a 2D layout has been created, it can be converted into a 3D layout within the Digital Twin of your property using Spalba's 2D to 3D transformation tool.
    In order to use the 3D transformation tool, the Digital Twin of your property should have been created. Additionally, the venue within the Digital Twin should have been setup for transformation. System will throw this message, in case the Digital Twin setup has not been completed for your property / venue.

    Converting 2D Layout into 3D

    Both the, 2D as well as 3D layouts, are accessible on the "My Layouts" page of a specific venue
    On the My Layouts page, locate the 2D layout that you want to convert into 3D and click "..." under the Action column of that layout
    Click "Convert to 3D"
    Click "Confirm"
    System will start the process of conversion. This might take a little time depending upon the number of elements on the layout
    Click "OK"
    Once the transformation process has bee completed, you will see a new 3D layout added on the 3D section of the My Layouts page. The name of the layout is created by adding "Converted from - " to the name of the 2D layout

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