Create A New Project

    • Brokerage Engine

      Creating a New Project

      From the Dashboard page, click the "Gear" icon in the upper right corner.
      Click "Project" from the dropdown menu.
      The Manage Projects page will display a table of all the projects in the system.
      Click "Add Project" in the upper right corner to add a new project to the table.
      Fill in the required fields in the Add Project window to set the parameters for your project.
      Click the "Association" field to trigger a dropdown menu of the associations you can choose from.
      Click "Add" to save your project.

      Adding Tasks to Projects

      Once you have saved the project, you'll notice three icons under the project's Action column. Click the "Manage Tasks" icon to add tasks to the project.
      The Edit Project Detail page will include a table where you can add tasks that must be completed when the project is triggered. Click the "Add Task" button to add a task to the table.
      For each new task you'll have to fill in fields specifying its category, condition, and workflow.
      Click "Add" to save the task.
      Tip! You can utilize drag and drop to reorder tasks if needed.

      Editing Projects

      Navigate back to the Action column for your project and locate the "Edit Project" icon. Click the icon if you need to make any updates to the project's details.
      If you wish to delete a project you can click the "Delete Project" icon.

      Assigning Projects to a Trigger

      In the upper right corner of the page click the "Settings" button.
      The Project Settings window will allow you to assign your project to a specific system action.
      For example, the "Sample Transaction Project" project we created would be assigned under the "Transaction Management" field. As a result, this project and its tasks are triggered every time a user manages a transaction.
      Click "Update" to save the project settings.
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