Create Document List Sections

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    Heads Up! It takes 'Configuration' permission level to create/edit/delete sections for document files

    Create Sections

    Click this gear
    Select the type of file you want to create sections for
    Click "Sections" in top right corner
    Click "Add" to create sections or add new ones
    Enter name of section. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for each section needed
    Click "Save"

    Set a document checklist item to a section

    Click here on the checklist item
    Select the section for document from dropdown menu
    Click "Update"
    Can verify which document is set for each section in this column

    Verify document File layout

    Tip!\ Any updates made to document file configuration will not take place until next new file is created. Updates will not retro-actively effect existing files.
    Locate new file generated
    Verify Section and document file layout
    Display with new sections
    Tip!\ users can still drag and drop files to different sections within the file
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