Create a Vendor-Specific Marketing Opportunity

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      Navigate to your brokerage's login page and login as a System user.
      From the dashboard page, navigate to the dashboard menu and click "Invoices" to reveal a dropdown menu.
      Click "Marketing & Services"
      In the upper right corner, click the "Add Opportunity" button to create a new marketing opportunity.
      This forwards you to the New Marketing Opportunity page. Look for the page's "Basic Info" section.
      The "Task Category" field release a drop down menu.
      Type "vend" or "vendor" to view the options for adding a vendor-specific opportunity.
      The dropdown menu will list different vendor categories you can use as a basis for the opportunity. In this example, we'll click "Vendor - Photo Shooting".
      The "Vendors" field triggers a dropdown menu that includes a list of pre-entered Vendor companies. If the vendor has been used before you can select it from the menu.
      For this example, we can select "15 Photography" as the vendor. These are two fields the allow you to define a vendor-specific marketing opportunity.
      Once the opportunity is assigned a vendor and vendor category you can fill out the remaining fields on the page and click "Save".
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