Create a Web Proposal in ETB Developer

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    Starting from inside of your proposal, navigate to 'Manage Documents' on the left side navigation.
    On the Manage Document Page, hover over the '+' button in the Documents portlet, and click the Design you want to add documents to.
    Select the document templates you want to include in your web proposal.
    ETB offers tailored document templates for Web Proposals in our document gallery. Using these templates will ensure your client has a cohesive and streamlined web proposal experience.
    Reorder your documents by simply dragging and dropping the document cards in the desired position for your web proposal.
    Once you have added and ordered all the documents you want in your Web Proposal, click the "Create Web Proposal" button to generate a sharable link.
    Once created, you can click the link icon to copy your web proposal link and share it with clients.
    To view your web proposal, click "View Live Web Proposal" link.
    Tip! To make sure your own views are not logged in the Web Proposal Session table, enter the web proposal in 'Incognito' mode. Your clients will not have the incognito option and must enter their names to log their web proposal session.
    Your web proposal will display all of the documents you have added to your proposal in the side navigation menu so your client can review each option.
    If you make changes to your documents after creating your Web Proposal, any modifications will be marked in orange. You will also see a "You have unpublished changes in your Web Proposal" message in the web proposal portlet. To update your web proposal with these changes, simply click the 'Update Web Proposal' button.
    After updating your web proposal more than once, you will see a 'Web Proposal History' table. This table will have all the previous versions of your Web Proposal. Your client will only ever see the 'Live Web Proposal' unless you send them the link to older versions.
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