Create a banner

Created by Martyn Double | 20 steps
Navigate to yourimagendomain
Pro Tip! To follow this guide, you will need 'Site administration' permissions
Log in as an administrator with 'Site administration' permissions
Click "Admin"
Click "Site configuration"
Click "Banners"
Click "Create banner"
Give your banner an easily identifiable name
Set when the banner is to appear
Set when the banner should no longer appear
Enter a message to appear on your banner
Optionally allow users to dismiss the banner
Optionally click "Use banner action button" to add a link.
Pro Tip! if not using the action button above, skip ahead to step 15
Enter some text to display as a link
Now enter the link to direct your users
Now we select who should see the banner. This could be 'Everyone', or a specific set of users As an example, we have chosen the "Standard" group
Click "Set as active"
Click "Save"
Click here.
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