Create a new Organisation

Created by Martyn Double | 16 steps
Pro tip! to follow this guide, you will need 'User administration' permissions
Navigate to https://your_imagen_domain/
Log in as an administrator with 'User administration' permissions
Click "Admin"
Click "Manage users/groups"
Click "Manage organisations"
Complete the "Organisation settings" fields and optionally upload a "Logo"
Click the "Login Type" dropdown, and select the way your organisation will authenticate
In this example, we are going to use idP metadata to create a Single-Sign-On experience
When a user first logs in to your system via an Organisation, an account will be created and the user will be placed in the groups selected here.
Either tick the checkbox to allow an "Unlimited number of users", or specify a maximum number of users
We can now select the groups that SSO users will automatically be added to
Here we can assign permissions to the Administrators of this organisation. Where selected, we grant the Administrators permission to add new users to the groups.
Click "Create organisation"
Click "Knowledgebase"
We can now see the ID number of our Organisation (15) in the URL of your browser: https://your_imagen_domain/imagenorganisations/update/15
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