Create a record (XML) importer

Created by Martyn Double | 17 steps
Pro tip! To follow this guide, you will need a user with 'Site administration' permissions to create the 'custom page' and 'Record Importer' widget. You will also need to ensure that the groups you assigned access to this page have 'Import record' permissions
Navigate to https://your_imagen_domain
Log in as an administrator with 'Site administration' permissions
Click "Admin"
Click "Customisations"
Click "Custom pages"
Click "Create page"
Click "Page title *" and enter a suitable name. We have chosen 'XML Import'
Click the "Role picker" field. Enter a group name and click the "Add" button to delegate access to this page
Click the "Create" button to finalise the setup of your custom page.
Note! Earlier, we mentioned that the group you have just assigned access to your page must have 'Import record' permissions. You may have noticed that individual users cannot be given access, so for users to use - or even to see - the importer they must have this permission assigned through their group do this. For a guide on how to do this see
Click on the 'Edit' pencil to begin adding the record importer
Click here to create a "dynamic widget zone" - wherein the record importer will be placed
Click "Add new widget"
Here we have two options for import: "Pause on error" and "Import media". Pause on error: If you have a large number of records to import, this setting can help you continue operation at the point where the error occurred Import media: If you have media available at a publically accessible HTTP location, ticking this box will allow you to choose the required workflow
Although there are lots to choose from, click "Record Importer"
Here we select the required mapping to use - If the "Import media" checkbox has been clicked, an option will display to select the correct workflow
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