Scheduled task tutorial

Created by Martyn Double | 20 steps
Tip! to follow this tutorial you will need an Administrator account to configure the scheduled task
Click "Task Scheduler Library"
Click start
Type "schedule tasks" and press [enter]
Give your task a name. For this tutorial, we have named it "watchfolder"
Click to select "Run whether user is logged on or not"
Click to select "Run with the highest privileges"
Right-click and select "Create New Task"
Click "Triggers":
Click "New":
Select "At startup" and then "OK"
Select "Actions"
Click "New ..."
Under "Program/script" type "powershell.exe"
Enter the arguments to be used by PowerShell. For example: -noexit ".\"C:\path_to_your_script.ps1""
Click "OK"
Click "Settings"
Deselect "Stop this task if it runs longer than:" as this task should be active at all times
Click "OK" to create the scheduled task
Enter your "Administrator" credentials and click "OK"
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