Create an Agent Onboarding Task Project

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    Alert! -Requires Configuration permission or System Admin Permission

    Create Task Project

    Click here.
    Click "Project"
    Click "Add Project" OR you can use one of the default placeholders already displaying.
    Enter Name of Project
    Select agent for project association
    Enter a project description
    Click "Add"

    Add Tasks to Project

    Click here.
    Click here.
    Select the category for the task
    Select the type of task
    Enter the name of task in summary section
    Click "Add"

    Delete a Task from Project

    Click this button.
    Click "OK"

    Set a Task to be dependent on the completion of another task

    Click here.
    Click "No Condition"
    Click "Until Target Task Completed"
    Select which task to be dependent on
    Click "Update"

    Set which Project to Auto Trigger

    Tip! Only one agent onboarding project can automatically trigger upon the entry of a new agent. If you have multiple variations of agent onboarding projects, best to not set one to auto trigger and select from agent tasks which one to use
    Click "Settings"
    Select the project to set for auto trigger
    Click "Update"

    Test Task Project

    Click your logo to link back to main interface
    Go to active agent list
    Click here on the agent you want to trigger the test project
    at the end of the URL => Add [ /agent-onboarding ] and press enter. You can the click back on your browser
    Click "Projects"
    Filter for newest date
    Verify you see your project created with test agent
    Click this link.
    Review Task triggered
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