Create data "Property" in GA4

Created by Martyn Double | 18 steps
To follow this guide you will need "Editor" level permissions or above
Click "Create Property"
Enter a name for your "Property". For this example, we have used "ga4_knowledge". Select your "Reporting time zone" and "Currency"
Optionally enter analytics details for usage
Click "Web"
Enter the FQDN of your Imagen Domain
Pro Tip! What's an FQDN? fully qualified domain name: For example,
Enter a name for this "Srtream" of data
Click "Create stream"
Click here.
Click "Knowledge GA"
Click to copy your "Measurement ID".
Navigate back to Your_Imagen_Domain
Click "Site configuration" Click "Cookies and Analytics" Click "Google Analytics"
Click the "Measurement ID" field.
Paste your "Measurement ID"
Click "Save"
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