Customizing Shot List & Timeline

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    Navigate to [](
    Navigate to the appropriate project.
    Click "Forms"
    Locate the Wedding Questionnaire. Click "View".
    Click "Open" so that you can open the Wedding Questionnaire in another tab.
    Keep the Wedding Questionnaire tab open on another screen (or next to the screen where you'll be customizing the Shot Lit & Timeline).
    With the Wedding Questionnaire open in a separate tab, head back to the Dubsado window on the Forms tab.
    Locate the Shot List form and hover over it. Click "Edit"
    Customize each column's formal portrait shot list.
    Click the "Save" checkmark when done with each column.
    Scroll down to the Timeline section. Click this icon to edit each row individually.
    Update the times and descriptions as needed.
    Click the "Save" checkmark when finished with each row.
    Go down to the "Final Confirmations" section and update any fields that do not have a custom mapped field filled in.
    Click the "Save" checkmark when done.
    Click this button.
    Click "Save and close"
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