Dynamic form

Created by Martyn Double | 22 steps
Pro Tip! To follow this guide, you will need 'Site administration' permissions
Navigate to https://your_|imagen_domain/
Log in as a user with 'Site administration' permissions
Click on your page where you would like the dynamic form. In this example, we have used a 'custom page' called "Widgets"
Click "Edit"
Click on Zones to create a new widget zone
Click "Add new widget"
Click on "Dynamic form"
Enter the text for the "Title" field that will be displayed to users
Click this dropdown and select "Embedded"
Selecting "Model" in the step above will cause the dynamic form to open up into a modal screen as shown in the example here:
Enter the text to be shown on the 'Submit button'
Enter the email address to send the form submission. This is the "Send form to" field
Enter the text that will be displayed to users when the form has been successfully submitted. This is the "Success text" field
To start building the form click "Add element"
Click the "Name" field and enter the text to be displayed in your first element
Click the "Placeholder text" field to enter the place holder text to display within this text field
Click here.
Click "Required" if this is a mandatory field
Click "Save" to create your form
Pro tip! Dynamic forms can be edited, so the new fields described in the main article can be added at any time
Click here.
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