Edit Accommodation

        Go to your website's dashboard
        Click "Accommodation"
        Click on your accommodation's name - as shown for "Example Cottage"
        This will open up your accommodation's page. Click into each field, and complete as fully as possible. The SEO title is really important, and should include all your main criteria, so search engines can understand what you are offering.
        Complete each of the fields...
        IMPORTANT - Ensure your accommodation has a Featured Image - we will have added a default image for you - change this for a suitable image of your property. Click on the default Featured image to choose an alternative.
        Click on an already uploaded image, or click on Upload tab to bring in an image you have on your device.
        Once you have chosen an image click "Set featured image"
        Update the features list with your own details. You can delete features, or add more by clicking "Add Row"
        To save your changes click on the UPDATE button, top right of the page.
        This Scribe is in tip-top shape!Leave feedback if there are any issues with this Scribe