Editing Global Contact Info

        Navigate to your dashboard
        Click "Site Options"
        Click the "Email" field to add or edit your email address
        Click the "Tel1" field to add or edit your telephone number
        Click into the address field and add the address you wish to display, also if you wish to show the Map on your contact page, make sure you fill in the Map address field in too!
        Click "Social Links" to add your social links.
        Click the "Facebook Link" field and add the full link to your Facebook page
        Click the "Instagram Link" field (or any other of the fields you wish to display
        Click "Links"
        Click the "Booking Link (To Booking page or external link)" field to amend the booking link (if you don't want to use your default website booking page)
        IMPORTANT: Click the Update button to save your changes.
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