Editing and sending a customized package for a specific client in Dubsado

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    Navigate to [https://hello.dubsado.com/dashboard](https://hello.dubsado.com/dashboard)
    Click "Projects"
    Click on your project.
    Then click "Forms."
    Click "Edit"under the proposal that you'd like to edit. (You can also do this same action with an invoice if you're only sending an invoice.)
    Note: If you haven't added a package yet, you'll need to do that first to edit it.
    To do that, select the package that you'd like to add.
    Here I clicked "Sample Package 1 - $100.00"
    Click "Save form"
    Now to edit your package, click on the package that you'd like to edit.
    Click "Edit package"
    Click the carat.
    Click "Edit"
    Click into the description and edit that if you'd like.
    You can click the price or other fields and change them as needed.
    Click "Save item"
    Make sure to scroll up and click "Apply" This is easy to miss and if you don't do it, your changes won't be applied to the proposal or invoice.
    Click the drop down next to Save form.
    Then click "Save and close."
    To send your proposal, click "Send" under the proposal status. Then edit your email (or choose a template.) When it's ready to go, click send.

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