Editing the price for a paid appointment in Dubsado

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    Navigate to [https://hello.dubsado.com/dashboard](https://hello.dubsado.com/dashboard)
    Click here.
    Click "Scheduler"
    Select the scheduler/appointment that you need to change the price for
    Click "Advanced"
    Click here.
    Click "Edit"
    Make any changes to the package- whether the title, description, price, etc.
    Click "Save Item"
    Click "Save" on the scheduler overall.
    Make sure you see an alert in the top right: "Appointment Template successfully saved"
    Alert! You're NOT done yet!
    Click "Basic"
    Click this name field & update the title to the new price. If you don't have the price in the title, I recommend adding it so that your clients are always clear what they are getting into when they start with the step 1 process of booking you!
    Click "Save" at the bottom of the scheduler overall and look for the green confirmation alert in the top right of your screen.
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