Exporting your Excel spreadsheet into structured data (XML)

Created by Martyn Double | 20 steps
Heads Up! XML export from Excel is limited to 65,536 rows. Check out this guide for other options - support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/export-xml-d...
Open Excel
Create "Blank workbook"
Click on the "Developer" tab
Heads Up! If you do not see the "Developer" tab, follow this guide to add to your Excel ribbon - support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/import-xml-d...
Click "Source" under the "Developer" tab
Create your Imagen XML schema - Check out this guide for more information on the Imagen record schema knowledge.imagen.io/mapping-files-and-imagen-xm...
Copy and paste the <ImagenRecord> element so there are at least two nodes. Save your XML schema file
Heads Up! Excel will only export multiple rows into your XML file if there are at least two child nodes <ImagenRecord> under the root node <Records>
Click "XML Maps"
Click "Add" and select your XML schema
Click "OK" to acknowledge that Excel will infer the schema from your XML file
Click "OK" to close the dialogue window
Click here:
Right-click the root node to select "Map element"
Select the columns to map to your XML schema. Select the top row only Click here:
Populate the columns with some DATA
Click "Developer"
Click "Export"
Your Imagen ready XML will now populate with data
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