Getting to Know Your Story Collection Tools

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    Navigate to [](
    This page in your dashboard houses the links and tools needed to transactionally request stories from your supporters and beneficiaries.
    To share your Story Collection Page click "Copy Link" under the Story Collection Link section.
    To embed your Story Collection Form on your website or web pages outside of Proofpact, click "Copy Embed Snippet". Then, paste that embed code where you want the form to reside.
    (Subscription Feature) We create short "[](" links so that you can share these links in social media posts and other places where character counts matter.
    Download your QR code. Add it to designs, brochures, have stickers made, and the like. This QR code, once scanned, takes storytellers to your branded Story Collection Page.
    Helpful tip: Have this QR code printed on a piece of paper and put that in a lanyard for event staff to wear. Stories are now being told by those at your event while they are in the moment!
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