Create data "Property" in UA

Created by Martyn Double | 33 steps
To follow this guide you will need "Editor" level permissions or above
Navigate to and log in with your account credentials
Click "Create Property"
Enter a name for your property. We suggest the name of your company or organisation. In this example, we have used "Knowledge"
Select your location and timezone
Select your currency
Click "Show advanced options"
Click to create a "Universal Analytics" property
enter the FQDN of your Imagen domain
Pro Tip! What's an FQDN? fully qualified domain name: For example,
Click "Create a Universal Analytics property only"
Click "Next"
Optionally enter analytics details for usage
Copy your Tracking ID
Switch back to "Imagen - Administration"
Click the "Tracking ID" field. Click this button.
Switch back to your Google Analytics management page
For Google to track data, and User intelligence to render the necessary information, two Custom Dimensions need to be configured in the Google Analytics portal
Click "Custom Definitions"
Click "Custom Dimensions"
Type "Imagen user ID"
Click "Create"
Click "Done"
Type "Imagen organization ID"
Click "Create"
Click "Done"
Click "View Settings"
Click to enable "Site Search Tracking"
Enter "query"
Type "query"
Click "Save"
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