Guide: Before Integerating your altHR account with PayrollPanda

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    Navigate to <>
    Click "Company"\ Click "Profile"
    - Click on **"Edit"** Company Profile. - **Update all fields with the Green Indicators:** \ Company Name, Business Registration Number, General Contact Number, and General E-mail fields. - Click on **"Confirm**" once done. The Green Indicators indicate fields that are required at PayrollPanda
    Click on the "Edit" next to the **Office Address**. \ Update the Office Address and click on **"Confirm"** once done.
    If you have more than one office or branch, head to **Company &gt; Profile &gt; Offices,** click on **"Add New Office"**. Update each Office Details and click on **"Add Office"** once done.
    Next, to update your departments or divisions, head to **People &gt; Organisations.**
    Click on the **"+"** sign next to each organisation to to create or update your company's Divisions / Departments / Sections / Teams. **You'll need to create the organizations over here before creating your employee profiles.** Refer to this article for more details on how to Manage Organisations:<>
    Next, update your employee's information, by heading to **People &gt; Employees &gt;** Click **"Actions"** &gt; **"View Profile"**. **Ensure that all fields with the Green Indicators have been updated as these are PayrollPanda-required fields.**\ \ Click **"Confirm"** once done.
    Click on **Personal Info &gt; Edit &gt;** Update the personal data that will be synced to PayrollPanda:\ **Full Name, Gender, Race Ethnicity, Date of Birth, Citizenship**
    Click **"Compensation" &gt; Bank Details** to update the employee's **Bank Details**\ Click **"Confirm"** once done.
    Click on **Statutory Information** to update the employee's: \ **EPF Number, EPF Category, SOCSO Contribution, Income Tax Number, and EIS Contribution.**
    If the employee is a new hire who joined the company in the **current year** and has a Previous Employment Income prior to joining, you can click on "Previous Employment Income" and update accordingly. This will be synced to the **TP3 form** at PayrollPanda.

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