How To: Waiting List Approval Process

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    Login to your One Parking online account at <>. For instructions on how to do so, see "How To: Accessing and Navigating your Online Parking Account" support documentation.
    To start, you follow the same process as adding a member/parker to your account. Active Parkers can be managed by clicking "Update" on the main account screen. Use this function to manage your parkers.
    To add a parker to your existing group account, click the "+Add Parker" button.
    Fill out the new Parker's information. Be sure to select the desired start date and type of parking space at this step. Once complete, click "Next".
    Alert! Some of our locations require additional verification prior to the approval of your parking request. This is why you may land on the following page. This doesn't mean that we won't be able to provide you a spot, it just needs to be vetted by a local manager before moving forward with your request. Proceed as you see below and allow 1 business day for us to follow up with you regarding your request.
    If you come across this screen, select 'Yes' to add your member to the waiting list for approval by local management. Please allow 1 business day for us to follow up with you regarding your request.
    Once your parker has been added to the wait list, you can return to your parker list. Note: the request will not be shown on this page.
    Alert! Your request will not be shown on the parker list just yet. Use the steps below to check for a pending request.
    To check for a pending wait list request, select "Accounts" in the header.
    Among your accounts, you will see a card for "Waiting List". In this case, your are waiting for "John Smith" to be approved. Note: the place on the list can be ignored at this time until a manager completes the review of your request.
    A One Parking manager will review your request within 1 business day. If approved, you will receive a message stating that a parking spot is now available and for you to log on to your account and complete the signup.
    Once logged in, before selecting an account, locate the "Waiting List" card that you were just on a few steps back. You will now see an option to "Complete Signup". This means that your request was approved and you may proceed with assigning a rate for your new parker.
    Complete the parker information.
    Select the appropriate rate and then click "Next".
    This is a preview of the additional billing. Once verified, select "Yes, Continue".
    You have successfully added the parker to your account. You will receive a confirmation email along with instructions on how to obtain the parking credential for your new parker.
    Congratulations! You have completed the "How To: Waiting List Approval Process" support documentation. We hope that you found this helpful. If you still have questions, please reach out to our billing department during business hours of Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm ET at 561-833-7222.
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