How can I Download a Pet Deposit Receipt? (Tenant Management)

    • Tanvir Mahedi |
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    Log into the Admin Portal
    Go to the "**Tenant Management" dropdown** under "Administration" on the left navigation
    Click on "**Tenant**" under "Tenant Management" dropdown
    Search for the tenant by entering their details in the "**Search**" field on the "Tenant/List" page.
    Navigate to the "Tenant Details" page by clicking on the **tenant's name.**
    Once in the "Tenant Details" page, scroll down
    Once in "**Pet Deposit**" section, You will notice a **receipt or document icon** (sometimes positioned to the right of Partially Adjusted or Collected).
    Upon the click , a "**Deposit Receipt**" will show
    Click "**Print**" if you want to print/download it
    Or click "**Close**" to finish up
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