How can I Locate and View Service Requests on the Tenant Details Page?

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    Tip- "In this informational article about service request in the tenant management section, you'll find how to access, search them within this section."
    Access the Admin Portal by logging in.
    Click on "**Tenant Management" dropdown** under "**Administration**" on the left navigation
    Click on "**Tenant**" under "**Tenant Management" dropdown** on the left navigation
    Search for the tenant by **entering their details** in the "Search" field on the "Tenant/List" page.
    Navigate to the "Tenant Details" page by clicking on the **tenant's name.**
    Once in the "**Tenant Details**" page, scroll down
    On the "Tenant Details" page, you can locate the "**Service Request"** section at the bottom right side of the screen
    To access the respective service request, you can click on the Service Request Number under the "**Reference**" section or under the "**Category**" section.
    Alert- There are multiple ways to access service request from tenant management section
    You can access the respective service request by clicking either under the "**Status**" option or under the "**Summary**" option.
    Once clicked you will be directed to the "**Service Request/Details"** page, where you can perform various actions on the request.
    To locate the respective service request, you can copy either the reference number or the name under the category and paste it into the **search** field.
    You can also paste the name from either **"Status" or "Summary**" into the search field to find the respective service request.
    As an example, when we searched for the "**Assigned**" status in the **search** field, the respective service requests that have been assigned have appeared here.
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