How do I customize roles to generate reports?

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    Access the **Admin Porta**l by logging in
    Click on "**Manage Admin Access**" on the left navigation under "**Administration**"
    Click on the **name of any admin** to get into the details
    This will redirect you to the "**Admin Management**" page
    Click on "CUSTOM ROLES"
    Alert- This is a new addition in our admin portal. This has been introduced for the "Reports" more specifically
    You can **assign** different **custom** roles such as "**Property Manage**r","**Property Superviso**r", "**Property Accountant**" for "**Property**
    Simply click on the "**Plus**" sign or the "**Toggle**" option in the corner to adjust accordingly
    Alert!- In this case, we're customizing permissions for the **"Property Manager" here**
    Clicking on the "**Plus**" or "**Toggle**" sign will display a **pop-up** showing which properties have been **mapped** & **not mapped**
    You can click on "**PERMITTED PROPERTIES**" to add more properties to this category to do the mapping
    Select the **properties**
    Alert- You can select **one or multiple properties**
    Click on "**Update Property Permissions**"
    Click on "**CUSTOM ROLES**"
    Here you can see for instance the **assigned properties** under "**Property Manager" role**
    Click on "**Reports**" under "**Accounting & Reports**"
    Tip- For instance, to see how the **custom mapping for roles** can impact **report generatio**n we are going to generate a report
    Click on "**Rental/Tenant**" tab
    Click on **"Rent Roll"**
    Click on "**ROLE BASED FILTERING**"
    Choose the **admin** by clicking on the dropdown labeled "**Select an Admin**".
    Select the **role** by clicking on the dropdown labeled "**Select a Role**".
    Select **one or multiple properties** by clicking on the dropdown menu labeled "**Select Property/Properties \***".
    Pick a **month along with the year** from the "**Report for Month**" field.
    Click on "**Generate Report**" to generate the **report**
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