How to Add Owner to MiPropertyPortal?

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    Access the Admin Portal by logging in.
    Go to "**Property Management" dropdown** under **Administration**
    Click on "**Owners**"
    Click on **"Add New Owner"**
    Click the "Email (not provided)" field and put the **owner's email address** to search the database. If the owner is already in the database as an **admin by default**, the result will show up.
    Click to "**Continue**"
    If the Owner is not in the **portal yet**, it will **show** the **"Invalid Email"**
    Choose "**Add without an email address"**
    Fill out the "**Primary Contact"** empty fields
    You may notice "**Email**" field is not **accessible**. Fill in the other information keeping the **email address** field as it is
    Fill out the "**Address**" information
    Toggle Off this button to "**No/Yes**"
    Click "Submit"
    As you can see, the **owner** has been **added**. To **add an email address** click on the icon
    Notice it says **"NOT INVITED (EMAIL IS REQUIRED)"**
    Click on the "**Edit**" icon
    Click the "**Email**" field and add your **email address**
    Click on "**Submit**"
    Click on "**Back**"
    As you see, the **email address** has been **added**.
    Tip: **After adding the owner, you can invite them to access the Owners Portal; please check out our step-by-step guide "How to Invite Owner to Join Owner Portal?**"
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