How to Add a Payment Method to Borderless

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    Navigate to [Payment Method]( page
    Click "Add Payment Method"
    Select either "Personal" or "Business" account
    Click the "Select country" field.
    Click "Next"
    Select the **receiving currency** of your Bank Account. The receiving currency will affect what type of payment is made: - **Local payment:** **[[These are payments paid in local currency, by using the local payment rails. These are typically faster and have lower fees as compared to SWIFT.]]** - **SWIFT payment: [[These are payments made in USD, by using the SWIFT global payments network. They typically take longer than Local Payments, and have a higher fees.]]**
    Click the "Select your bank" field and type the name of your bank. and Select
    Enter the Routing and Account numbers. If you selected a SWIFT payment, you will be asked to enter your SWIFT Code.
    Click the "Bank Account Type" field. Select either Checking or Saving.
    Click "Next"
    Enter your Address. \ \ *Ensure this addresses matches the address associated with your bank account.*
    Click "Next"
    Review the details you entered. Click "I confirm that the information above is accurate and correct"
    Click "Submit"
    All done!
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