How to Check/View Service Request Summary Report in the Reports Section?

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    Tip- Comprehensive report detailing all service requests submitted by tenants or created by administrators. The report includes work order information if applicable. It features dynamic filtering and search options, with the ability to download the report in Excel or CSV format.
    Log in to the Admin Portal
    Go to "Reports" under "ACCOUNTING & REPORTS" on the Left Navigation
    Once in "Reports" section , click on "Rental/Tenant"
    Navigate to the "Rental/Tenant" section and select "Service Request Summary"
    Upon reaching the "Service Request Summary" page, you will encounter an important message stating, "Downloaded report will have more columns than the columns displayed here in this grid."
    Alert- This **Report includes last two years of data**
    You'll observe the line "Drag a column header here to group its column" positioned above the table on the left side
    Alert- You can filter and search by dragging columns and placing them in this square-shaped slot.
    For example, we are moving the "Reference Number" column to this location."
    The "Reference Number" column has been moved to the outlined position. For better clarity, we are also relocating the "Tenant Name" column in a similar manner
    Finally, once the filters are applied, the report will be displayed in the following format
    You can also utilize the "Search" field, located above the table on the right side of the screen, to apply additional filtering.
    For instance , we will be searching with a reference number
    Here, we have an example of how this plays out
    You can download this report in Excel or CSV format based on your preference and requirements.
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