How to Create a Billable Item and Deduct from a Commission

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine

      Create a New Bill

      Click "Accounting" to enter the new Bill received.
      Click "Quick Actions"
      Click "New Bill"
      Select the Vendor from the dropdown menu.
      Click "Aaron Otis Photography Vendor"
      Select the Terms from the dropdown menu.
      Click "Net 15"
      Select the A/P Account from the dropdown menu.
      Click "2010 - Commission Payable"
      Click this date field to enter the Bill Date.
      The Due Date will auto populate from the Bill Date and the Terms given.
      Click the "Bill No." field and type the necessary information.
      Click here to select an account.
      If needed, fill out the description.
      Click this text field to add the amount to be allocated to the customer. Remember that you can allocate to multiple customers from the same bill.
      Make sure the Billable checkbox is selected.
      Click "-- Select Customer --" to choose the Customer Profile for the Agent.
      Click "Luca Maisuls (C) Customer"
      Click "-- Select Class --"
      Click "San Antonio - 1202 N. Flores St"
      Click the optional "Memo" field.
      Fill out a memo, if needed.
      Click "Save"
      A prompt window will appear to ask you to generate an invoice to the Agent. Click on the checkbox.
      Click here to select the Product or Service.
      The window will display the Customer name and the amount.
      Click "Save"
      Click "OK"

      Verify Billable Expense in Agent Profile

      In order to verify that the invoice was applied correctly, click the "Sales" tab.
      Click "Customers"
      Click the "Search Customer" field.
      Click "Luca Maisuls (C)"
      Click on the Action button.
      Click "Transaction List"
      We can now see the open invoice on the Transaction List.
      The Open Balance for the Customer is of $1,500.00.

      Close Transaction and Collect Payment

      Navigate to the front end of Brokerage Engine to deduct the payment from a commission.
      Click "Transactions"
      Click "Pending"
      Click on the Listing/Buying Agent field to search for the Agent.
      Click "Luca Maisuls"
      Once you find the transaction, click on the Action button.
      Click "Commission Detail"
      The Agent's Open Balance is displayed.
      Click this button to add payment.
      Click the "Payment Amount" field.
      Type the desired amount to be deducted.
      Click "Save"
      Click "COMPLETE"
      Click "OK"
      Click "Upload to Accounting"
      Click "Yes" to post the deposit directly to the Bank Register. Click "No" to send the deposit to Undeposited Funds.
      Click "OK" to Upload to Accounting.
      Click "OK"
      The Agent Open Balances no longer display the $1,500.00 open balance.
      The Payment will not be collected until the file has been Uploaded to Accounting. Additionally, if the file was Revoked from Accounting, then the payment will be reversed.

      Verify Applied Payment

      Click "Accounting" to verify the Agent Customer Profile.
      Click "Sales"
      Click "Customers"
      Click the "Search Customer" field.
      Click "Luca Maisuls (C)"
      Click "Transaction List"
      Click Transaction List displays the Payment as well as an updated Balance.
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