How to Create a Credit Memo for a Customer and apply it toward an invoice

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine

      Create Credit Memo

      Click "Accounting"
      Click "All Sales"
      Click "New Transaction"
      Click "Credit Memo"
      Click "Choose a customer"
      Click "Nicolas Ortega (C) Customer"
      Click here to select the Product or Service from the dropdown menu.
      Click "Sales"
      If needed, fill out a description.
      Click this text field to add the credit amount.
      Type "500.00"
      Click "Save"
      Click "OK"

      Verify Credit to Agent

      To verify that the credit was properly applied, click "Customers" under the "Sales" tab.
      Click the "Search Customer" field to search for the Customer (Agent) name.
      Click "Transaction List"
      Here we see the list of transactions and we see the credit. Now we need to apply the payment towards open invoice(s).

      Apply Credit toward Open Invoices

      Click the "+" button to apply the Credit.
      We now see the Invoice we want to apply the credit and the Credit Memo.
      Click here to select the Credit Memo.
      Click this text field to make sure the amount applied says "0". (If any other number is displayed, delete and type "0").
      The Payment Amount towards the invoice needs to reflect the Credit Memo amount, in this case the invoice is for $1,000.00, but only partial payment is being applied since the credit was for $500.00.
      Type the Payment amount (if another amount is displayed, revise to match the credit amount).
      Click "Save"
      Click here.
      Click "OK"
      You can check to see if the payment was applied correctly by clicking on the invoice.
      The "payments made ($500.00)" will be displayed.

      Verify Application of Credit

      You can also view the payment from the "Transaction List" on the Customer Profile.
      The $500.00 credit was successfully applied.
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