How to Create a New Invoice and Receive Payment in Brokerage Engine Accounting

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine.
      Click "Accounting"

      Create an Invoice

      Click "Quick Actions" to access the menu.
      Click the "New Invoice" button.
      Select a Customer from the dropdown menu.
      Select the Terms from the dropdown menu.
      Select the invoice date by clicking on the small calendar icon.
      The Due Date will auto-populate.
      Click the "Invoice No." field to add a reference number.
      Select an optional Accounting Tag from the dropdown menu.
      Click the dropdown menu to select a Product/Service. You can choose Marketing or Service Items created on the front-end of the platform or the Accounting module. The front-end items will have the category "Cash Register" in front of the name.
      If a Description was written on the Product/Service, then it will auto-populate. Descriptions will be visible in the Customer Statement.
      Click the Quantity text field to type an amount. If the Rate was already configured, then the invoice amount will be calculated once the Quantity amount is set.
      Click the Amount text field to type an amount.
      Select a Class from the dropdown menu.
      Click "Add Line" to create additional entries to the Invoice.
      Click the Trash Bin icon to delete any unused lines.
      Click the "Clear All" button to reset all the fields.
      Click "Add Subtotal" to view the total of the lines already added to the invoice. This Subtotal will not appear on the invoice once saved and printed.
      Subtotal is displayed.
      Click the Memo field to type a Memo. The Memo field is visible on the Invoice once saved and printed.
      Click the "Message on statement" field to type a description that will be visible on the "Accounting Sales Transactions" page. The field is not visible on the Invoice.
      Click "Save"
      Click "OK"

      Print the Invoice

      Click the "Toggle Dropdown" on the "Journal Entries" button.
      Click "Preview And Print"
      The Invoice will populate.
      Click "Download PDF" to save a copy.

      Void the Invoice

      Click "INVOICE DETAIL" to return to the edit page
      Click "Toggle Dropdown" for options.
      Click "Void".

      Receive Payment

      Click "Receive payment" from the Invoice page.
      The "New Payment" page will display. It will list any Outstanding Transactions under the Customer profile. Payments can be recorded individually or batched together.
      Click on the small calendar icon to select a Payment Date.
      Use the dropdown menu to select a Payment Method.
      Click and fill out the "Reference No." field.
      Select an Account to post the Payment. To batch deposit the Payment with other deposit entries, then select the Undeposited Funds Account.
      Select one invoice or multiple to receive payment.
      Click "Save"
      Click "OK"
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