How to Create an Expense Marketing and Services Item in Brokerage Engine Accounting

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine.

      Create the Item

      Click "Accounting"
      Click on the "Sales" tab.
      Click "Marketing and Services"
      Click the "New Item" button.
      Click on the field and fill in the Name of the Item.
      Unclick the checkbox for product/service to customers.
      Add a description to the field to display it on the Sales Forms.
      If applicable, type a cost for the Item.
      Select an account from the dropdown menu.
      If applicable, select a Preferred Vendor from the dropdown menu.
      Click "Save" once all the information has been inputted.
      Click "OK"

      Search for the Item

      The Marketing and Services table will display.
      Type the name of the Item to filter the results.
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