How to Download & Use GO (Testnet)

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Download Anchor Wallet
Click here:
Click "Download for Free Today"
Click "Download" for your OS (only for Windows at the moment)
Click "" & Create Telos Mainnet Account. Make sure to back up your keys.
Name Your Account
Copy Public Key
Copy Private Key
Copy Telos Account Name, Public & Private Keys into Notepad for Future Reference
Confirm You Have Copied Keys
Click "I'm not a robot"
Congratulations. You have your Telos Mainnet Account Created. Now Go Back to Telos Testnet Page
Paste Your Telos Account Name (one you copied into Notepad) NOTE: Owner key & Active key are BOTH the Public Key from previous step
Now Run Installation Process for Anchor Wallet
Run Anchor Wallet
Click here:
Set an account password
Click "Show blockchain test networks"
Click here:
Select Telos (Testnet)
Import an existing Account
Click "Import Private Key"
Copy Private Key from Notepad
Paste Private Key NOTE: Your Private Key starts with "5" Select Both Accounts
Click "Import Account(s)"
Enter your Anchor Password
Go back to Click Download on Step #4
Read Terms and Conditions Click "I accept the terms and conditions."
Go through installation process
Click Start
Click here:
Click "WALLET"
Click "LOGIN"
Click " GO"
Open Anchor Wallet
Click here:
Congratulations! Done
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