How to Edit/Update Key Deposit Amount in Tenant Management?

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    Alert- The Edit functionality will work if you have only one security deposit entry
    Log into the **Admin Portal**
    Click on "**Tenant Management" dropdown** under "**Administration**" on the left navigation
    Click on "**Tenant**" under "**Tenant Management**" dropdown
    Search for the tenant by entering their details in the "**Search**" field on the "**Tenant/List**" page.
    Navigate to the "**Tenant Details**" page by clicking on the **tenant's name.**
    Once in the "**Tenant Details**" page, scroll down to the "**Deposit**" section
    In the "**Deposit**" section, you'll see the "**Edit**" button represented by an **orange pencil** icon under "**Key Deposit**"
    Alert- Edit functionality will only work when you have only one deposit entry. It won't work if you have multiple deposit entries. \ \ If you see the "Edit" icon not available but the delete icon visible that means the amount has been adjusted already. In those cases, you have to delete the adjusted amount/transaction first & only then you can delete the payment
    Tick the box beside "**Edit Key Deposit**"
    Please select the "**Deposit Amount**" field to make changes to the existing deposit amount.
    If you wish to edit the due date, click on the field under "**Due Date**".
    Alert: Due date- The due date for the Key Deposit will default to the current date if not provided.
    To edit the deposit date, click on the field under "**Deposit Date**".
    To modify the deposit account, select the appropriate option from the **dropdown** menu under the **"Deposit Account**\*" field
    Alert- Required only when deposit is collected. If no account is selected, by default the amount will be logged under property default bank account
    If you wish to **edit** the payment method click on the **dropdown** menu under "**Payment Method**"
    To add a reference, such as a cheque reference, click on the "**Reference** #" field and enter the relevant information.
    Alert- Account reconciliation will use this reference number to group the transactions
    Click the "**Some note about this deposit**" field if you got anything to add regarding the deposit
    Click on "Update" to finish up
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