How to Edit your Home Page

        Navigate to "Pages" in your dashboard.
        Hover over the "Pages" tab, and select "Home"
        Click into the introduction field to edit. Aim for a couple of short paragraphs.
        If you have more than one property on the site, this "'Our Accommodation' Title" field will be for the property grid that will appear on your home page.
        If you wish to show Features on your site, select accordingly. You have the choice of not showing any features, or showing two columns of features, or 3 columns.
        Eg if you want to show 2 columns, click "Features set in two columns" field. Then add your features in the Features Column 1, and Features Column 2 areas.
        You can have up to 4 sections of home page text/images. Simply edit what is currently there to your own words and image choices, or delete text/images for these areas to not show.
        The Hero Slideshow is the main images you see at the top of your home page. You can drag and drop the order of the images, you can delete images, and add new images to the selection...
        To add a new image to this area click "Add to gallery"
        Click "Media Library" if you already have uploaded the image you wish to use.
        Or Click "Upload files" if the image you wish to use needs to be brought into your website.
        Click the "Hero Slideshow Text" field to edit the text that appears on top of your hero slideshow:
        Click the "SEO (H1) Title" field to add your own H1 title. This is very important as this is what Google defines as your main heading. Don't make it too long, but try and include all your main selling points - eg, location, type of accommodation, key niches eg parking, hot tub etc., sleeps number...
        Click the UPDATE button to make your changes live instantly!
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