How to Generate Tenant Credit Liability Summary Report?

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    Tip- All transactions related to tenant credit, including overpayment transactions and credit return transactions, will be included in the report.
    Log in to the Admin Portal
    Go to "Reports" under "ACCOUNTING & REPORTS" on the Left Navigation
    Once in "Reports" section , click on "Rental/Tenant"
    Navigate to the "Rental/Tenant" section and select "Tenant Credit Liability Summary"
    Tenant Credit Liability Summary would appear like that in the first place
    You can group/organize "Column Headers" by dragging them to this space marked as "Drag a column header here to group its column"
    Here, for instance in this snippet we are dragging columns header named 'Type"
    We have already moved column header named 'Type". In this another example, we're grouping the column header labeled "Property" by moving it
    You have the flexibility to adjust the position of any header column based on your requirements
    Select "RESET GRID" to restore it to its original state.
    Select the "Search" field to initiate a search.
    Additionally, you have the option to delete by clicking on the red "Trash" icon.
    Click "Drag a column header here to group its column"
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