How to Generate a Habitually Late Rent Payment Report?

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    Log in to the Admin Portal
    Go to "Reports" under "ACCOUNTING & REPORTS" on the Left Navigation
    Once in "Reports" section , click on "Rental/Tenant"
    Navigate to the "Rental/Tenant" section and select "Habitually Late Rent Payment"
    Once you're on the "Reports/Habitually Late Rent Payment/Tenant List" page, select the "Late after due date" dropdown
    Next, choose the number of days from the "Late after due date" dropdown to apply the filter
    Click on "Any Late Payment" dropdown to choose
    Click "Filter Report" to generate the report
    You will see this line- "Drag a column header here to group its column".
    Alert- You can filter and search by dragging columns and placing them in this square-shaped slot
    For example, we are moving the "Name" column to this location.
    Ultimately, the report will be presented in the following format once done with the filters
    Another screenshot of the example
    Click on the "Search" field to search by name of the tenant, property address, unit number etc.
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