How to Generate a Profit & Loss Statement

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine.

      Generate the Report

      Click "Accounting"
      Click "Reports"
      Click "Financial Reporting"
      Click "Profit and Loss"
      Select a date parameter from the dropdown menu.
      Or select a date range using the small calendar icons.
      Click "Generate"
      The report will then display.

      Generate the Report by Class

      Undefined transactions that have not be categorized with a class will not be included in the Class Report.
      Click "Options"
      Click on the "All" checkbox to include all classes.
      Or select an individual Class.
      Click Generate to display the Report.

      Generate the Report and Compare Another Period

      Click "Options"
      Click the checkbox to compare and display either the dollar amount or the percentage amount to the Profit and Loss Statement numbers from the previous year.
      Click "Close"
      Click "Generate"
      The report will then compare the selected report date to the previous year. It will display the change in dollar and percentage amounts.
      Click the Toggle Dropdown to export the report to Excel or PDF.
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