How to Generate an Aged Receivables (Owner) Report?

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    Tip- An accounts receivable aging is a report that lists unpaid owner invoices. Also known as "AR Aging Report" or "AR report"
    Log in to the Admin Portal
    Go to "Reports" under "ACCOUNTING & REPORTS" on the Left Navigation
    Once in "Reports section, click on "Aged Receivables (Tenant)" under "Financial" tab
    This will lead to "Aged Receivables (Owner) / Summary View" page
    Click on the "As Of Date (YYYY-MM-DD)" field.
    Click on "Update Report"
    Once done, the aged receivables report would appear like this. These are summary view of all the details
    For a more in-depth analysis, click on "Details View" to access comprehensive details
    The page layout will transition from the "Summary View" to the "Details View" , providing more detailed and nuanced information
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